31 March 2024

New content

Since I last wrote on this website, much has happened. My eldest grandson Arthur, now 24, is working with a FinTech company. He graduated with a First, so that was a relief, especially as he had to do much of his studying online. Otto, 23, is still an art student, pursuing sculpture. Delilah graduates this year and has plans to become a journalist. Pearl has fallen in love with Paris and has been studying there. Henry, the youngest, is on a gap year and will enter Manchester University in October to read Ancient History. That's about it for the grandchildren. Tom and Will have had new books out but my big news is that I also have a new book out, in November. It is titled A Mink Coat in St Neots: My Mother's Flower Shop and the Mystery of a wealthy Russian Princess. It's a very strange true story and has taken a few years to research. I am also writing the life story of a childhood friend who, quite literally, rose from rags to riches. On the domestic front I have been creating a garden from a long-neglected patch. It has not been easy, partly because I am no gardener and partly because of the looming conifer trees over on the other side of the wall. These have now been cut down, giving me much more light and more of a chance for things to grow.