The Zinc solution (with Professor Bryce-Smith)


The Zinc solution (with Professor Bryce-Smith)

Is there a link between, among others, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, alcoholism, sub-fertility and behavioural problems in children? The answer could be simple - zinc.

Professor Bryce-Smith’s career followed a fairly orthodox pattern of teaching and research until about 15 years ago. By then his concentration on the uses of chemistry had made him increasingly concerned that many serious abuses were going largely unrecognised - among them the adulteration of petrol by lead. His work has led him to examine the close relationship of minerals with health, and zinc deficiency, he believes, is the key to many illnesses.

This book sets out to explain the evidence in support of the zinc solution. He describes the role of minerals in digestion and explains why modem diets — especially vegetarian — tend to be zinc deficient. He demonstrates how zinc levels are adversely affected by stress and alcohol, why certain people are more sensitive than others to a lack of zinc in their bodies, and how these findings are important in the consideration of such problems as post-natal depression, low- birthweight babies, teenage acne in boys and the common cold. He also describes a quick, simple but effective test that can be applied either by your GP or by yourself at home to determine whether your body is short of zinc.

The Zinc Solution will be welcomed by the medical profession for its powerfully argued and carefully considered theories and documented evidence - and by the public for its positive and practical advice about a mineral which could play a significant part in their physical health and mental well-being.

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