Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is currently enjoying the most phenomenal growth, and since 1977 it has been accepted and recommended by the British Medical Association for use alongside orthodox medical treatment.

But what exactly is spiritual healing? What is this mysterious ability that some people have that will enable a patient to be healed without the intervention of drugs or surgery, often by a person with no medical knowledge? And if it can help others, can it help you?

This enlightening and fascinating book will give people a clearer understanding of what spiritual healing is and show them how they can be helped by it. Medical writer Liz Hodgkinson looks at the work of many healers throughout the world, and examines the research that has been carried out into ‘healing energies’. She then describes the different types of healing available, from laying on of hands and faith healing to absent healing and radionics. The final part of the book concentrates on how to choose and work with a healer.

Liz Hodgkinson’s informative book will be of great help to the increasing number of people who want to know more about spiritual healing.

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