Counselling is fast becoming one of the major growth industries of our time, and is very definitely one of the buzzwords of the 90s.

But what exactly is counselling? How does it work? Who needs it, and why is it suddenly becoming so very popular? What can counselling do for you that you couldn’t manage to do for yourself? And who exactly are these people called counsellors? Are they really so much wiser and more knowledgeable than the rest of us?

Liz Hodgkinson answers all the difficult questions people have about counselling, and provides this definitive, up-to-date, objective and easy-to-follow guide.

She clears up the current confusion and mystique surrounding the movement and explains the different styles of counselling available, giving detailed advice on how to tell when and whether you might benefit from counselling, how to find a properly-trained counsellor, and what happens in a typical counselling session.

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