The complete guide to buying property abroad


The complete guide to buying property abroad

The Complete Guide to Buying Property Abroad is an authoritative and informative resource for anyone looking to buy property outside their home market - including financial, legal and lifestyle issues. Country coverage includes popular destination markets such as France, Spain, Portugal, Florida and the Caribbean.

The Complete Guide to Buying Property Abroad, now in its seventh, fully updated, edition, takes the reader through all the benefits, complexities and potential pitfalls of buying property in dozens of different countries, both in Europe and in more far-flung destinations.

The book includes the latest information on markets in eastern Europe, as well as new material on the popular markets of Australia and New Zealand. Practical information and financial guidance is interspersed with case studies of those who have already purchased a home in another country, and with advice for those times when unexpected problems appear. The book also contains a 40-page resource section, filled with contact numbers, websites and email addresses for numerous organisations and property companies in the markets featured within the text.


“An authoritative, straight talking book that covers all the financial, legal and lifestyle aspects of buying your perfect home abroad.

It is not just a check list to help you make the right decisions regarding when, where and how you buy, but it is also filled with inspiring case studies. Questions such as whether you should rent out your property or not and whether you can actually afford it are also dealt with.

The author reviews typical properties and prices in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, North America and The Caribbean, devoting around 30 pages per country. There are lots of adverts from the professionals, eager to help you still further with your research, but there is no hard sell about this book.

It is there to help you make a lucid, informed choice, rather than a rash decision formed over too much Sangria in the sunshine.”
Daily Telegraph

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