Liz now has a brilliant new career as a laundress - hosting guests via the Airbnb homestay website.  She put up her listing in July 2014 and has since been inundated with enquiries and bookings from all over the world.  The guests are great, but being an Airbnb host(ess?) means filling the washing machine and dashing away with the smoothing iron are now daily occurrences.  Liz’s location in Central North Oxford is ideal for conference attendees, parents visiting their student children and for sightseeing. To view Liz’s listing, log on to the Airbnb site.
Look out for Memoirs of a Party Animal: Seven Decades in Animal Welfare, by Angela Humphery and Liz Hodgkinson.  Former travel writer Angela, 84, has just retired from spending 75 years raising funds to help exploited and ill-treated animals all over the world, whether they are working animals, pets, farm animals, zoo, safari or circus animals, animals bred for fur, force-fed to produce foie gras, shipped in crates across the world, or ritually slaughtered.  Wherever animal cruelty exists, there is Angela to draw attention to their plight and raise funds to prevent further cruel treatment. A must-read for all animal lovers, this book was published in October 2014.

Liz has also just published the biography of Dadi Janki, the unprepossessing Indian woman who arrived in London in 1974 and proceeded to start the world’s first spiritual movement headed by women.  At first, there were just a handful of Indians but gradually Westerners were attracted, and the Brahma Kumaris now has a worldwide membership of people from every nationality.  Dadi Janki: A Century of Service, was published in January 2016 in the UK and India (also available in Hindi) and is a companion book to Will’s The House is Full of Yogis.

It seems that Liz is now officially Britain’s most embarrassing parent - at least according to the Daily Mail. Will’s book The House is Full of Yogis was published June 5 2014 to great acclaim.

Liz Hodgkinson