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Getting your deposit back: the story of Kelly Osbourne.

The stories about 28-year old Kelly Osbourne suing her landlord for the non-return of her massive $18,700 security deposit (about £11,000) on her rented California flat, must have rung a bell with many tenants who worry about getting their deposits...

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Buying property for retirement

It sounds a nice enough idea. Instead of faffing around with pension schemes yielding peanuts, why not downsize on your family home and use the money to buy a property or two to fund your retirement?
A new report from LV= (formerly the Liverpool...

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10 top tips for successful renting

Now that good mortgage deals are becoming difficult to secure, and the government seems hell-bent on introducing ever more layers of legislation to control the buy-to- let business, it is more vital than ever before to make sure you buy the right...

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It’s every writer’s worst nightmare.

It’s every writer’s worst nightmare. You spend months writing a book, checking and re-checking, and then days before it’s due to hit the bookshops, wham! New measures suddenly and unexpectedly come in putting everything you’ve written and researched...

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6 steps through the equity release maze

If you are retired and fully own a valuable property but are short of ready cash, you may be wondering about equity release, a method of extracting a tax-free cash sum from the value of your house while you continue to live in it. The...

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How did I become a buy to let landlord?

How did I become a buy to let landlord? And, more importantly, why?

Why, I sometimes wonder, do I put myself through all the hassle of buying and renovating properties, finding tenants, and coping with the labyrinthine and ever-changing landlord...

Successful Renting Magazine - November 2007 Read full Article


Real Estate Investment Trusts

Just over a year after SIPPS bit the dust, we can now look forward to a brand-new tax-efficient way of investing in residential property and a brand-new acronym: REITS.

Real Estate Investment Trusts, which have successfully been established in the...

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Let's hear it for the LVT

The other day, a small group of us walked out of a courtroom £24,000 richer. We were representatives of our self-managed apartment building and had spent two years vainly trying to recover an ever-increasing debt from a non-paying owner. Yet it took...

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When Nimbies are right to mind the gap

Daily Telegraph - May 2006 Read full Article


D-Day for the Landlady

Daily Telegraph - April 2006 Read full Article

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