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They were wild 60s teens - until Liz's best friend became a nun.

Back then she pitied her. Now she wonders who had the best life.

My best friend Rosemary and I were hiding behind the bike sheds, drinking and smoking and discussing our hopes and plans for the future.

Dressed in the latest Sixties garb with...

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The unpalatable truth - how we oldies love our wine

It was ten to six when I arrived at my elderly friends’ flat for drinks.  They buzzed me in and as I entered the living room, there they were, sitting in their chairs, wine glasses in hand, staring fixedly at the clock.  A bottle of wine was on...

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Liz tells with brutal candour how she hated her brother

One of the happiest days of my life was when I heard that my brother had died.  Suddenly, a long dark shadow that had blighted my entire existence was lifted.

I know this sounds a terrible thing to say. We are supposed to love our brothers and...

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;oisoned legacy of the Bloomsbury group

On my first day at grammar school, as I got off the bus, I noticed an ancient Rolls-Royce driving up.  Behind the wheel was a singularly arty-looking woman and beside her sat a fair-haired eleven year old girl.

The woman was artist and writer...

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boring older men

This piece was actually published in the Daily Mail, not the Telegraph

A few weeks ago I went to garden party given by an old friend. There were about 30 of us there, all longtime chums, mainly middle-aged or older. I was having such a good time...

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Eric's big story

I came into our office one morning to find Eric Leggett looking ashen. Actually, ‘ashen’ was an understatement. He looked like one of the undead from an ancient Hammer Horror film.

As he was normally so jokey and bubbly, I was shocked.. “Whatever’s...

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Can The People survive?

Latest figures show that The People, formerly The Sunday People, is in free fall, with a circulation now below 800,000

Yet in the 1970s, when Liz Hodgkinson and Shan Davies were young reporters on the same paper in the 1970s and early 80s, the...

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How to make a good Will

What makes a good Will? Obviously, one that is up to date and valid. But more importantly, a good Will is one to which you have given very careful thought and left something, not necessarily money, to as many friends and family members as possible.... Unite - March 2006 Read full Article


My Inheritance Tax Diary

The Daily Express campaign for the abolition of Inheritance Tax is one very close to my heart, as I have just emerged from a two-year trauma, caused entirely by this terrible tax.

When my partner, the writer John Sandilands, died suddenly in March,...

Daily Express - February 2006 Read full Article


Was Alastair Campbell a gigolo ?

This amazing interview with the then unknown student / teacher Alastair Campbell, later to become New Labour’s Svengali, was conducted by Liz Hodgkinson and published by the Sun in May 1980.

When Campbell’s biographer Peter Oborne tried to find the...

The Sun - May 1980 Read full Article

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