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Prostate cancer

For many years now, national screening programmes have been available in the UK for breast and cervical cancer, the main types of cancer to affect women.

Yet there is no such screening programme for the commonest type of cancer to affect only men,...

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New over-the-counter migraine treatment (and more)

1. New over-the-counter migraine treatment
The highly effective migraine treatment Imigran has been available on prescription for 15 years but now, in a real breakthrough for sufferers, has just become available over the counter.

Because migraines...

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Gossip is good for you (and more)

1. Gossip is good for you
These days, it seems, every kind of human behaviour is being subjected to scientific research, and the latest is an activity often frowned on – gossiping. An 18-month long American study found that far from being a negative...

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Tired all the Time (and more)

1. Tired all the Time
Many of us feel bone-achingly tired occasionally, but usually a good night’s rest is all that’s needed to get back to normal.

But what if you feel tired all the time, however much sleep you’ve had and however relaxing your...

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Gym'll Fix it

My mother never went near a gym. Nor did my grandmother. Or great-grandmother, come to that. Nor did they voluntarily undertake any physical activity of any kind.

I, though, am very different from my sedentary female forbears. Although now a...

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