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Rise of the silver gold digger

The rise of the silver gold-digger

By Liz Hodgkinson

Nadine Dorries wrote in her column yesterday of the men who have suddenly started to proposition her, at the age of 66. Four men in six weeks, with one whispering how sexy he found her over...

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Joey's Story

Last week, master fraudster Juliette d’Sousa, 59, was given a 10-year jail sentence for conning people out of vast sums on the pretext of being able to heal their terminal illnesses.

But perhaps her saddest victim was a creature she deprived of...

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Liz and Alex meet up after 47 years

Dream of being reunited with your first love? One woman’s tale of staying friends with an ex

PUBLISHED: 22:27, 13 April 2012 | UPDATED: 22:27, 13 April 2012

At a lovely summer party given by a schoolfriend in our old hometown of...

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Why give a party?

Have you tried to give a party recently?

If so, you will find that etiquette has changed or more likely, become non-existent.  The formal, polite rules of the past no longer apply and these days, giving a party is often not so much an occasion to...

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Publishing online books for free

Published in The Author June 2010

Ever since books were invented, they have cost money to buy. And however heavily discounted they may be on Amazon, at bookshop tables or on supermarket shelves, they always, as a commodity, cost something.


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Audrey Whiting Obituary

Audrey Whiting-Nener, pioneering woman journalist who doubled the circulation of a national Sunday newspaper. Born Hull May 30, 1927, died in London, January 6 2009. Married once, 1954, second wife of Jack Nener (died 1982), editor of the Daily...

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Shan Davies Obituary

Shan Davies was, quite simply, the toughest female reporter ever known in the Sunday People’s long history. From the time she started working for the paper in 1976, she would enthusiastically undertake assignments that would make even the most...

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Interview with transsexual Roberta (Betty) Cowell

Note by Liz Hodgkinson: the book referred to was not passed by Betty for publication. But out of the many hours I spent trying to get to grips with Betty’s story, came Michael, nee Laura the forthcoming film of which will explain why Betty did not...

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Retirement housing: dream or nightmare?

Retirement housing, also known as age-exclusive housing, is one of the fastest-growing property sectors in the country, and now that there are more over-65s than under 15s, it can only grow further.

These developments are heavily marketed with...

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Reply to Tom

My son Tom wonders why, given my style of parenting, that he is not more mentally ill than he actually is.

Yes, he says the nicest things. But when I observe today’s frazzled, exhausted parents ceaselessly arguing with each other, I wonder who had...

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