John Sandilands



Date published: 1985
Publisher: Mail on Sunday

Here is one of the best Herograms John ever received:

25 Eccleston Road
West Ealing
W13 0RA
27th February 1985
Dear Sir
Congratulations !
YOU magazine is, in my view, the best colour supplement ever published. I enjoyed last Sunday’s (Feb. 24th) edition so much that I have stored it in a safe place. I shall take it out from time to time for careful re-reading and further enjoyment.
All the articles in this issue were very interesting, and “Fancy a Walk” certainly aroused my interest in the Rambler’s Association—- I am going to join. Thank you!
The article with the brilliantly witty title “The Toad Cross Code” is fascinating and I thank you for bringing the toad problem to your readers’ attention. Not only is this article very informative: it is, also, a literary masterpiece. John Sandilands is an excellent writer: the article clearly illustrates complete mastery of his craft.
May I ask if Mr Sandilands it an author?
If so, I would very much like to buy all of his books.
If not, please encourage him to write, a book; or, at the very least, a few short stories. On the strength of this article alone, I would like to recommend that Mr Sandilands work be made compulsory reading in every classroom in this country and, indeed, wherever the English language is studied or spoken.
Writers of Mr Sandilands’ calibre are sadly lacking in Modern Literature.
Yours sincerely,
Mike Stott

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