John Sandilands

Obituary, March 2004

Date published: March 2004
Publisher: Daily Telegraph

This fine obituary was written by John’s great friend, Dermot Purgavie.

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Introduction to Articles

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Date published: 0

A horse-caravan may appear an ideal holiday alternative to a car. But a weekend showed John Sandilands that the Romanys have their problems too.

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When the cure is sun, sea and mud

Date published: 12 Dec 1995
Publisher: Daily Telegraph

The psoriasis came on with no warning and, as the cracking of skin and itching intensified, John Sandilands realised he had a problem. His consultant suggested a trip to the seaside.

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Interview with Ava Gardner

Date published: 1970s
Publisher: This article was published probably in the 1970s, possibly in Nova magazine.

John was considered one of the best profile writers of his time and had an uncanny ability to get right underneath the skin of his interviewees.  This interview with Ava Gardner was published in the days when magazines and newspapers ran long interviews and they enabled readers to ‘‘meet the stars’  Here is John’s take on Ava, considered one of the most beautiful and magnetic actresses of her day

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Interview with Dustin Hoffman, Los Angeles Times, 1968

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Date published: 1970
Publisher: Observer Magazine

John was also a brilliant travel writer as this piece on Fiji, written over 40 years ago, shows.

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Patrick Moore

Date published: 1971
Publisher: Nova Magazine

Here is astronomer Patrick Moore, seen through John’s eyes for Nova magazine

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Mr Pastry

Date published: 1960s
Publisher: This was published in some long-defunct magazine

Richard Hearne, known as Mr Pastry, was a popular children’s television entertainer in the 1950s and 60s

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Interview with Jane Fonda

Date published: November 1968
Publisher: Published in Nova Magazine

This is probably one of John’s best ever interview pieces, and has been much anthologised. The young Jane Fonda was then living with Roger Vadim, and John travelled to St Tropez to meet her

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