Liz Hodgkinson: author and journalist.

The paperback of Will’s family memoir, The House is Full of Yogis, is out in March 2015.  We are bracing ourselves for another round of embarrassing publicity.
Memoirs of a Party Animal: Seven Decades in Animal Welfare, by Angela Humphery and Liz Hodgkinson is now out, price £7.99. Former travel writer Angela, 84, has just retired after 75 years of raising funds for animals in distress all over the world, and this is her story.  Angela has dedicated her life to ending the ill-treatment of animals, whether they are working animals, pets, farm animals, animals shipped from one country to another in packed crates, animals force-fed to produce foie gras, or circus, zoo or safari animals. From rhinos and elephants to monkeys, overbred dogs and bears bred for their bile, Angela has drawn attention to their plight and ceaselessly campaigned to end animal cruelty wherever it is found.  The book is illustrated with many wonderful pictures of the animals she has helped to rescue and given a better life.  Available from Amazon and Lulu and some bookshops. A heartwarming read.

Liz has also been commissioned to write the biography of 99 year old Dadi Janki, the unprepossessing Indian woman who arrived in London in 1974 to start a worldwide spiritual movement headed by women.  The Brahma Kumaris now has a presence in over 130 countries and attracts people from every nationality.  This biography will serve as a companion volume to Will’s The House is Full of Yogis, and will be published in 2015.

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Eek! Will Hodgkinson’s family memoir, The House is Full of Yogis, was published June 2014 by Blue Door, a division of HarperCollins.  Many home truths about Liz, ex-husband Neville and brother Tom revealed in this very amusing and witty memoir. It seems that Liz is now officially Britain’s most embarrassing parent, at least according to the Daily Mail.  The book was given a fantastic send off, with serialisation, big pieces and reviews in national papers, and many gigs and radio slots. 

Liz’s first e-book, Happy to be Single, is out and available on Amazon.  For more details, go to  In an age where everybody seems desperate to pair up, we have forgotten that there are immense pleasures and advantages in living the single life.  This book, first written 20 years ago, is now issued in e-format - which was not available in those days—making it accessible to everybody at a very low price.

Obsessive Love, Liz’s second ebook, is now out and available at: This tells the true story of Liz’s unrequited love affair with a glamorous older student at university, and also analyses the agonising phenomenon of obsessive love, how and why it happens and what you can do about it.  The book also describes some famous cases of obsession, from Charlotte Bronte to poet Kathleen Raine and writer Elizabeth Smart, who were all obsessed by charismatic men who did not return their love.  A must-read.

For more information about these and other titles, go to  More of Liz’s existing titles were published in e-format during 2013.

Liz’s coffee table book/ art book/ illustrated biography, Alex Williams: The Survival of an Artist, was published by Quartet Books on May 2nd, 2012.  This intimate, revealing biography tells the story of a versatile and accomplished artist whose work deserves to be much better known. To find out more, visit our dedicated website:  To order, go to and click on ‘New titles’ .  Liz and Alex also have some copies to sign and personalise with an original little drawing for customers.  Contact Liz via this website or Alex at 

Liz’s other new book, Why Women Believe in God, was published on October 26 2012 by John Hunt Publishing. The publishers’ advance blurb says this book will entertain, educate and annoy in equal amounts.  Copies available on Amazon or from most bookshops.  Also available as an ebook.

Her latest property book, the 5th edition of The Complete Guide to Investing in Property, was published by Kogan Page in April 2010.

Liz has written more than 50 books on a wide variety of subjects including biography, autobiography, health, personal growth, property and relationships. Her books have been translated into over 20 languages.

She has worked on four national newspapers: The Sunday People, Sun, Daily Mail and Times, and continues to contribute to many publications and websites. She is currently writing for the Daily Mail’s Femail pages, The Lady magazine and Woman magazine.  To read Liz’s articles online in the Daily Mail, go to and type ‘Liz Hodgkinson’ into the search panel. 

Liz’s book Ladies of the Street, published by Revel Barker in 2008, is an entertaining history of the pioneer women who fought their way into Fleet Street, in the good old days.  This book is now published as an ebook by Endeavour Press:

A regular broadcaster on radio and TV, Liz is also in demand as a public speaker, particularly on ‘glass ceiling’ and women’s issues. She is now writing about getting older from a positive point of view and to counteract the mainly negative images of old - or older - people. Liz has also been recording her attempts—so far unsuccessful - to find a new life partner; somebody who will be a worthy successor to her late partner John Sandilands and former husband Neville Hodgkinson.

Those who have enjoyed the brilliantly witty John Sandilands site and have not been able to access it lately, will be delighted to know that it is now available to view as a separate section on this site.  John, who died in 2004, and who was Liz’s partner for 13 years, was one of the funniest writers of his generation so for those who are new to his work, prepare yourselves for a real treat.

When not writing, Liz enjoys going to the theatre, art exhibitions, keeping fit, chatting and gossiping, eating out in restaurants, and is an avid reader.  She tries to keep up with technology but her 14-year old grandson Arthur is already streets ahead. In fact, he has now been officially appointed her IT consultant.

Look out for more of Liz’s books during 2014.

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